Monday, December 2, 2013

When You Feel Out Of Your Element

Ever feel like you are out of your element? Or that you have gotten out of your comfort zone? I know I have. Many times when that has happened to me I have the strongest inclination to hurry back to my comfort zone where I feel safe. Where I don't have to do the hard things.  But you know what? Every time I have gotten out of my comfort zone or felt out of my element, but made the choice to do what needed to be done I've grown. I've also been blessed.

Maybe not immediately, but just when I needed it and at the right time. You may feel like an egg that's expected to fly, but be assured God knows what you have need of. If you indeed are an egg that is expected to fly then He will see to it you are prepared. Life has sometimes occurred for me in dramatic episodes. There have been things I have experienced and later because of those experiences been privileged to help another hurting soul.

Sometimes the things I said I was sure were no help at all. Until later. Later when those individuals came to me, and said how much what I shared helped or how it helped them see through the haze of grief, helped me see the worth of getting outside my comfort zone. Those times helped me see that God's ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts higher than mine.

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