Thursday, December 12, 2013

Melted Snowmen. A Fun Craft For The Holidays


 We made the cutest, easiest and fun craft tonight. Melted snowmen! They were so easy to do and they didn't take long at all. Little ones will need help because this craft makes us of a glue gun and glue sticks. The girls has so much fun creating their own version of a melted snowman that we wanted to make sure and share it with you. We will definitely be doing this craft again!


1. Aluminum foil
2. Hot Glue Gun
3. Glue Sticks
4. White Glitter
5. Black Buttons - two different sizes
6. Tooth Picks
7. Orange Magic Marker
8. Pieces Of Cloth -for snowman's scarf
9. Piece of Wire - or something to use as a hanger 
10. Embellishments - if you want. We used really small artificial snowflakes 

I started by giving each of my girls a piece of aluminum foil. This is what they squeezed the hot glue onto. Before we began I broke off the tip of a couple of toothpicks and colored them orange. These were used for the Melted Snowmen noses. I also cut a piece of cloth or felt for the scarves and clipped the ends to make them look like they had fringe. Once they had the glue squeezed onto the foil and their melted snowman was in the shape they liked they placed buttons on for the snowmen's eyes and mouth. 
One of my daughters wanted to use googly eyes. It gave her melted snowman a surprised look and made it uniquely her own! They also arranged the tip of the toothpick I had colored orange with the magic marker before we started. Once the face was on the girls sprinkled the white glitter into the melted snowmen while the glue was still warm enough for it to stick. Next they placed the fabric scarf on the bottom of their melted snowman and placed the hanger in the top, making sure it was secure. The last thing the girls did was to add embellishments to their melted snowmen. They chose to use very small artificial snowflakes. Some were white and some were clear.

A few things we discovered that helped was to squirt the hot glue in a back and forth motion. That way it doesn't end up in a big wavy lump. You can also use the tip of the hot glue gun to smooth out any ridges when you are making the melted snowmen.

It's also a good idea to work fast so the buttons and other snowman parts will adhere well. Otherwise the glue will begin to harden and you'll find like we did your buttons or embellishments will fall off and have to be reglued.

For the hanger I had some tiny candycanes made from wire that we used. They made the perfect hangers. Once your melted snowmen have been created you'll want to peel the aluminum foil off the back. That is easier said than done! We found it makes the job a lot easier if you place the melted snowmen in the freezer for a few minutes. Also using heavier duty aluminum foil helps. The thinner foil tears too easily.

                    Hope you have fun and enjoy making your own melted snowmen!

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