Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What Was It LIke In That Stable?

Well it's happened once again. Another year has passed and we are once again decorating for Christmas. We are taking the month of December off from school and concentrating on family. Reading lots of books, baking cookies, doing crafts, looking at the pretty lights, but most of all remembering why we celebrate. Remembering the Hope we have and telling the girls the story of the babe born in a stable long ago. A child who was born to save the world!

Rejoice! Doesn't that word fill you with joy and hope, anticipation and excitement? Rejoice! This time of year is a time of remembering and celebrating our saviors birth. Giving Jesus the honored place. I've often wondered about what it was like in that stable all those years ago. Was it quiet and hushed, and warm with the moist breath of all the animals? Was his bed of straw nice and snuggly and his swaddling clothes warm? Did Mary bring forth her first born son with ease, only needing Josephs hand to hang onto? What was it like in that stable?

I tend to think my warm fuzzy imaginings make it easier for me to paint a wonderful picture of a Holy, Silent Night. Not to mention are probably not close to what actually happened. I have attended enough births to know babies aren't born without laboring and pain and deep gutteral  cries. I also grew up on a farm and I know a stable isn't always the cleanest, warmest, nicest place. It certainly wouldn't be first choice for giving birth for any mothers I know. Was Mary, wanting her midwife? Did she hope for a soft bed for her son? Maybe, but I bet above all else she was thankful for what she had. She had willingly became God's handmaid and trusted him to provide what she needed. What an honor to be the mother of the savior, and to be the first to look into the eyes of God!

Rejoice for we have hope! Sometimes at night I go outside and look up at the inky black night sky. I gaze at the stars hung in the heavens and marvel that God hung them there. I ponder that so many times throughout the ages he has used signs in the heavens to announce something BIG! He announced something monumental was about to take place in the heavens before the birth of Christ. Angels announced the birth of a savior to shepherds tending their flocks on the surrounding hills. The Magi studied and observed and trusted and sought out the King. They traveled from afar for a long while and brought gifts. Those gifts would be presented eventually and needed and put to use in time. There was a purpose. Yes, God knew what would be needed and he provided. Our Lord's birth may have been a stable, but that stable served a purpose of heavenly design. The attendants may have been lowly animals, but they were animals honored to be present for the first Christmas. What was it like in that stable? I think it was just as God intended.

We joyfully head into the season and want to share some pictures of the girls decorating the house as we remember the true meaning for the season and why we celebrate. May this season find you well and may your needs be met. Many blessings to you and yours!

Lights on the mantel

My nativity I have had for years. I love each chipped piece.

Putting the angel on the tree top with big sisters help.

A helping hand is always a good thing especially when it is your sister!

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