Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Cookie Baking FLOP!

This year will go down in our memory banks as the year of the crummy Christmas cookies! Talk about horrible! They were awful tasting and to coin one of my own phrases, they were gag-awful. I wanted to do a lot of different things with the girls this December and cookie baking was on the list. So while grocery shopping at Aldi's, the other day I spied some pre-made Christmas cookie dough on sale. I thought what the hay, most things I buy at Aldi's is good, so we'll try these. I bought two cans of the cookie dough mind you.  I figured I would save time by buying pre-made Christmas cookie dough.

A few days passed and yesterday I told the girls we would make cookies in the afternoon if they got the kitchen cleaned up. Once the kitchen was all tidy, or as tidy as it could be gotten by the two girls living here, we got out the cans of pre-made Christmas cookie dough. Oh we were going to have fun and make memories. Well we made memories all right!

We sliced the cookies and put them on cookie sheets and slid the cookie sheets into the oven, then we waited. In no time we had cookies! Everyone couldn't wait to taste them and I was thinking to myself, Way to go self! I had checked off from my list another item I wanted to do with the girls this year. It was so easy and simple. I was almost ready to give myself a big pat on the back........then I tried one of those cookies. I thought I would gag. They were awful. I even said to the girls These are awful! My thirteen year old burst out laughing and said, I KNOW! My five year old only ate a cookie and I'm not sure she finished it. The redemption of these awful Christmas cookies was only in the fact that the dogs loved them! They must taste like something dogs like or maybe it's just that dogs will eat almost anything, but these dogs finished off the plate of cookies with an eagerness that was a sight to behold. Put your fears to rest lest you think the dogs might have been harmed. They are fine and healthy and robust as ever this morning.

The thirteen year old thought it would be funny to put some cookies  in the cookie jar for when their dad got home and watch for his reaction when he bit into one. Ha Ha Ha, I didn't allow them to do that, but I did sort of snicker at the thought. Wicked sense of humor I guess and these girls have inherited it. Oh and if you think the fun stopped after we baked and then sampled these awful cookies then think again. Apparently something had ran over in the oven from a few days before and the oven smoked so bad you'd have thought we were on fire here! We were gagging and even as frigid as the weather is outside we had the doors open and fans on full blast to try and clear the smoke.

Oh yes, we made memories. Just not the warm memories I had envisioned in my head of baking Christmas cookies. I've learned my lesson and I won't be so quick to take shortcuts or pat myself on the back from here on out. Take it from me and save yourself some money and the horror of baking cookies like these, and make your Christmas cookies from scratch!

The worst Christmas cookies ever! lol

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