Friday, October 17, 2014


We finished our Israel study several months ago, but I am just now finding time to blog about it. There were so many things we learned. One experience is still with us. Learning to blow a shofar! It is not easy and is a learned skill. You should have seen our excitement the first time I squeeked out a sound from the shofar I purchased! We learned about the Jordan River and were surprised at the size. In addition to that we also learned about the size of Israel and it's diversity. In some ways it seemed almost like it was familiar.. Below are some of the videos we watched that started the unit off.

                                                                  Tour of Israel

                                                             Archeology Tour of Israel

                                                                  Culture and History

We also watched a video that taught how to speak Hebrew. The girls and I discovered we would need a lot of practice before we would be able to speak fluently. Below is the video we watched.

                                                                      Hebrew 101

                                      We learned Israel leads the world in science.
                                            Israel has more scientists that any other country!

            I had the girls color a  flag of IsraelThey also completed a map of Israel. 
 Another really cool interactive map can be found here For a craft project they made a matzah cover. There is a link here to a webpage with instructions so you can make your own matzah cover. The girls also made driedels. You can go here to print one out and make one too.

One fun thing we did was learning different ways to tie on headscarves. Oh my word did we find out it isn't something you just do so easily. We had to practice, but we loved the different ways to tie one and how it looked. The girls still like to get them out once in awhile and tie their headscarves on. We used this  webpage to learn how. This page also gave a lot of information about why headscarves are worn.

We used a combination of several unit studies on Israel. They can be found here and here and here.

Passover Seder Game

Israel Currency

Paper Dolls

Hebrew Alphabet


Coloring pages for different Jewish Holidays