Sunday, December 15, 2013



I have another fun Christmas craft for you today. Waterless snowglobes! They were so fun to make and the girls had so much fun helping me. The girls loved the little trees and how they looked in the jars. For this craft I went around the house picking and choosing from jars I already had. I also picked up a few more jars from  the thrift store in town. Then the girls and I added fake flaked snow and trees or snowmen or other Christmasy type things.

This craft can be used all winter and for other holidays. All you need to do after you make these is change out the scenes if you want. I plan on using them  for New Years and Valentines Day. I'm lovin this craft already. All that's left now after I've decided how I want these waterless snowglobes arranged is to put my Christmas tablecloth on the table and make my tablescape. Kind of think I want a different look that the world map that is on our dining room table right now. Ha, Ha, imagine a homeschool mom having a world map on the table!


1. Ice Flakes or Sparkle Flakes from Walmart
2. Jars of various sizes and shapes including lids
3. Small figurines and bottle brush trees to put in the jars
4. Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks 

We started this craft the night before by washing the jars and letting them completely dry inside.  The girls and I then chose what we were going to put in the jars. We were careful not to get our fingerprints all over the glass. I helped the girls shake just enough of the sparkle flakes or ice flakes into each jar to cover the bottom well. We shook the flaked snow into the apothecary jars and placed our figurines or the nativity on top of the snow and then placed the lid on top. The salt shaker and canning jars we hot glued the figurines to the lid first. Then we shook snow into the jar and placed the lid with the figurines attached on the jar and screwed the lid on. We didn't glue the lid on. That way we can reuse the jars for other scenes later. Once you have you snowglobes made you can display them as a beautiful Christmas tablescape. The girls and I are thrilled with how ours turned out. 

                                                    Have fun and Happy Crafting!

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