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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Glitter Glue Ornaments Christmas Craft

Some of our glitter glue ornaments from start to finish, after they dried and were peeled off of the waxed paper.

Yesterday I suddenly thought to myself we need to make another Christmas craft, how about glitter glue ornaments? Then I pondered, can those even be made? I am happy to report, yes, YES they can! Now I'm sure some of you are beginning to shake your heads in dismay and ask what is she thinking, GLITTER GLUE, No Way! Let me assure you this is an easy, peasy craft with minimal long as you stick to using  JUST glitter glue. No one glued their heads to the table while doing this craft. Although I have to admit my kitchen table looks like Tinkerbelle dusted it with fairy dust. The only bit of mess was when we used loose glitter. HORRORS! Yes, I use actual to goodness old fashioned glitter at times with my kids while crafting. If you have an aversion to your table looking like is has been dusted with pixie dust, then just use silver glitter glue instead or any other color you want for your snowflakes or other shapes.

 Okay on to the craft we did. First I warned them about the glue and not to be reaching across their waxed paper for anything, but to ask for it to be passed to them. Why? Because I didn't want them glued to the table! Or glue on their clothes. I gathered all the bottles of glitter glue I could find. Too bad for a Christmas craft I couldn't find our red glitter glue bottle and apparently we are out of silver, green and gold. Hence the reason I grabbed a shaker of our white glitter and a regular bottle of white glue.

I spread out waxed paper for the girls and then we used cookie cutters to trace Christmas shapes around using magic markers. Our snowflakes were done free hand. We tried pencil and ink pen while tracing, but we found a magic marker works best. Then the girls just followed the lines with the glitter glue and filled them in as they liked. The snowflakes were done free hand with white glue and then white glitter was shaken onto the top of each snowflake. After they are dry you can carefully peel them off of the waxed paper. If your ornaments stick a little you can slightly wet the back of the waxed paper with a damp paper towel.

Some things we discovered while making these that I want to share with you are the following.

1. Make sure you make thick lines while tracing. Especially if your ornament is going to have a lacey effect.
2. Making a thicker border will make it more substantial and not so flimsy. 
3. Thinner ornaments like the snowflakes take way less time to dry, but still a significant amount of time is needed for them to completely dry.
4.  Snowflakes are delicate if they are made too thin. Don't be afraid to make them thick. 
5. This is a simple easy craft, but don't be in a hurry as it's not fast to finish. 
6. Thinner ornaments take about 12 hrs drying time. 
7. Thicker ornaments I have no idea as we are still waiting 18 hrs later for them to dry completely. I'm guessing at least 24 hrs.

                           Have fun and enjoy making your own special Glitter Glue Ornaments!

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