Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So You Think You Are Creative? Sandwich Inventions Our Family's Style

My children take after me. We are a breed apart. Sort of a combination redneck/hillbilly/countrified/downhome/common/hicks from the sticks, peeps. To prove it my oldest son, when they were getting ready to leave on Thanksgiving, said he wanted to take some mashed potatoes home. Ya know why? Because he wanted to make some mashed potato sandwiches! LOL

My kids also love my specialty, mayo, cheese and onion sandwiches. It was my invention when I was thirteen and now my kids eat them too! Fried potato sandwiches? We've ate em! Tomato sandwiches? We've ate those too. PB and banana sandwiches? Oh do we love those! They are scrumdilly-icious!

Now the torch is being passed on to one of my younger kids. McKenna just brought me a pork-n-bean and cheese sandwich! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! Yes, I am eating it and it's pretty darn good!

Oh, and for what it's worth, I once saw in a gourmet magazine recipes for tomato sandwiches! I also saw one for MY onion and cheese sandwiches! SEE?! They are so good my idea was copied! Bwahahahahaha

If eats like these make us redneck/hillbilly/countrified/downhome/common/hicks from the sticks peeps, then so be it. I count it as a badge of honor and I am proud of it!

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