Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cinnamon Stick Trees. An Easy Christmas Craft

We are on a crafting craze around here these days. The girls and I have been at it again, this time making cinnamon stick trees. If you are looking for a quick craft this is it. No glitter this time! We happened to have everything on hand that we needed for this craft, but if you don't the items needed are easy to find.  This craft was super simple, fast and easy and the girls loved how they turned out. I think they are extra cute too! Notice the little ladybug climbing up the trunk of one of the trees? That was McLarin's special touch! She insisted there had to be a ladybug on hers.


1. Old Pine Garland
2. Long Cinnamon Sticks
3. Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
4. Thread For Hanging- if you want to make these as ornaments
5. Embellishments- such as buttons, snowflakes, small beads, gingerbreadmen etc
6. Gold Star For The Top Of Tree
7. Snow-Tex- for texturing the trunk of your trees
8. Scissors

Before you begin this craft take the pine garland and cut three to five pieces for each tree. I began with a cut piece about 3" and graduated the size of the pieces so each piece was a little smaller. The garland is a little hard to cut so you will need some sturdy scissors. Once I had the garland cut the girls then began gluing pieces of the cut garland to the cinnamon stick. Make sure your little crafters leave enough cinnamon stick at the bottom for the tree trunk. Little ones will need help with using the hot glue gun.

Once the garland pieces are glued on embellishments can be added as you like. After adding embellishments the girls added a gold star to the top of their trees. To add a little whimsey we added some snow-tex to the trunk of each tree. I bought the jar we have at Hobby Lobby several years back. Last of all was gluing on the gold string to the back of the tree to make a hanger. Start to finish this craft probably took us 30-45 minutes max.  Super simple,  hardly any mess and so cute. Have fun crafting with your kiddos! 

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