Monday, September 30, 2013

Australia Unit Week 1

Today we began our unit on Australia. The girls watched several videos about the Aborigine people, learned to locate Australia on the globe and learned about several native animals to the continent. We discussed marsupials and what they are and how they carry their young in pouches. The girls were surprised to learn that not just baby kangaroos are called Joeys.

We also touched briefly on the Great Barrier Reef. Throughout the next two weeks we will expand on what we learned about this reef in our Oceans unit. 

Our craft for the day was making didgeridoos. Each of the girls decorated their didgeridoo and then proceeded to make music with it. If it could be called that. I'm not sure I would agree that, that is music. Life has been a whirlwind lately and I don't have a lot of links, but I will share our pictures of the learning that took place today.


A few links you might be interested in.

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Hope you enjoy your study of The land Down Under! We certainly are.

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