Monday, September 16, 2013

Polar Regions Week 1


           Today we began our unit on the Polar Regions. WOOT! WOOT!  We began by learning of some of the explorers to Antarctica. NO, polar bears do not live at the South Pole, but penguins do! They were also amazed to learn how tall Emperor Penguins are. FORTY-EIGHT INCHES!  Now that is TALL as far as penguins go! Plus they weight upwards of 70 lbs. Now that is one BIG bird! (((Shivers))) An Emperor penguin would tower over McLarin and would be eye to eye with Raylee.

After learning how big they are I'm not sure I would want to come face to face with one.

The girls cut strips of paper and glued them together. Then they measured 48". This is the height of an Emperor Penguin!

As you can see if McLarin came face to face with an Emperor Penguin it would be taller than she is!

An Emperor Penguin would be about the same height as Raylee.

Breanna and Raylee doing the Contental Slide.

An experiement to see how arctic animals stay warm in frigid waters.

 We covered what an ice shelf is and how icebergs are born. The girls looked over a printout of the various ice shelves of Antarctica. Our printout listed twelve and there was one we learned about that wasn't even on the printout.

We had to have a brain break or two since it was a rainy day today. The girls seemed full of energy so we had them watch a video clip of Sid the Sloth doing the Continental Slide. They had to mimic his moves!
Using crisco as blubber. Gracie thought this was disgusting! lol

Every one had to try the experiment we did to see how animals stay warm in frigid waters. The girls were amazed that once they added the crisco to the bag and put their hand into the water again their hand stayed at a comfortable temperature.

 There was a lot of hand washing going on at our house today! All the girls except Gracie had to try this experiment out! We did it over......and over.......and over........and over!

Even the littlest had to have a turn!

Our experiment to see if melting ice raises the sea level. So far it's stayed the same.

The girls had a discusion about what kind of polar animal they would be and what they would eat. They all had a big laugh trying to figure out what a group of penguins is called. McLarin said waddle and Breanna thought maybe grouper. After voicing their guesses they learned a group of penguins is a "Colony." I still think calling a group of them a waddle would be pretty cool! I mean they do waddle when they walk you know. We had a lot of fun today during our first day of our Polar Regions unit. You might be interested in some of the resources we used.

 Free penguin card printables 
   Free printable cards to laminate

 Picture of frozen tsunami in Antarctica   
     Every one was amazed at the picture of a huge frozen wave turned to ice

Ice Shelf printout  
  A printout of the various ice shelves of Antarctica

Compare the size of the North and South Poles  
  A printout that helps one understand the difference in size of the Arctic and Antarctica

Homeschoolshare-Mr. Poppers Penguins 
   If you loved the book or the movie you'll enjoy this unit

Blubber Glove experiment 
   The girls loved this experiment to see how blubber works to keep animals warm
Melting ice and sea levels experiment  
 We had a question about whether melting polar ice will raise the level of the oceans so of course we had to do this experiment

Compare the North Pole and South Pole writing excercise 
 I printed this off so the girls could compare and contrast the difference between the poles and put their observations and what they learned on paper

Shifting poles      
   Does the North and South Poles really shift? Of course we had inquiring minds and wanted to know.

Enchanted Learning
Lots of cool printables, quizzes, maps and crafts that we printed  for our Polar Regions unit

Antarctic Quiz
A quiz that's pretty easy and just for fun!

                   Of course we had to end our day by watching a video of cute baby penguins.

       You can find all these cool ideas and many more by following my Pinterest boards!


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