Monday, September 9, 2013

Ocean Unit Week 2

First off let me just say today was one of those wonderful, awesome, terrific, super homeschool days! We started week two of our Ocean unit today. The girls and I went to my daughter-in-law's house and as soon as we drove up her three girls, Breanna, Gracie and Raylee met us in the front yard. Seems everyone was eager to get started on school. We had planned to make a paper mache dolphin and I even ran to our local dollar store for some balloons, and two other items. My granddaughter Breanna went with me and as we walked up to the front of the store we spied some clearance boxes full of summer items.

I ended up buying some pretty cool summer type toys besides what we went to the store for.  After we arrived back at my
daughter-in-law's I saw she had been busy with the girls drawing and cutting out sea creature and other ocean related things from cardboard. Gotta love cardboard! You can make so many things from it. Our plans soon changed direction once we got started on this wonderful ocean craft.

We helped the girls cut so many sea creatures out our hands were cramping by the time we finished! All the fishes and other creatures they drew turned out so CUTE! We just adored them!

McKenna had to show off some of her fish.

The girls decorated some coral for the base of their art project since we were learning about the Coral Reef today.

They applied some glitter glue after they were finished painting the coral as a way of trying to make it look realistic. It turned out so adorable. They also painted their fish, whales, dolphins and other things they had cut out.
While we wanted on the glue and glitter to dry we talked about the coral reef and seahorses. The girls learned that many sea animals live in the coral reef and it is teaming with life. They also learned how the animals living there use camouflage. Next we discussed seahorses. The girls were surprised to learn that the father seahorse is the one who gives birth to the baby seahorses! Then for some reason McLarin burst out singing the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song. At the end of it she sang H-I-J-K-N-uh-N-uh-G. That was our laugh of the day! After our hilarity we all settled down amongst fits of giggles to watch a video about the Coral Reef and seahorses.

The girls learned  that the male and female seahorses can be told aprat by the boney ridge on their heads. It was also revealed that seahorses give birth to anywhere from 5 to 1500 babies at one time depending on the specie of seahorse! After the video the girls colored a picture of a seahorse and named their seahorses. Names ranged anywhere from Sparkey to Crystal to Diamond. After this is was back to finishing the coral reef craft.
Gotta hold your tongue just right to get this done!

Busy making coral reef art.
Glitter glue worked great to accent our ocean scenes.

Today was a  wonderful,awesome, terrific, super day of learning fun. The girls were eager to learn and even more eager to answer questions. Relaxed, stress free homeschooling at it's best! We had a wonderful day. Hope your day of learning adventures was just as wonderful.

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