Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ocean Currents And The Gulf Stream

Last week we started our first week of school and began with our ocean unit. During the week we studied sharks, dolphins, and whales. The girls were surprised to learn that killer whales are also called Orcas and are actually a dolphin. That was pleasing to McLarin because she loves dolphins. She has been in love with them ever since we went to the theater and watched Dolphin Tale.  We also touched on vertebrates and invertebrates.  Toward the end of the week we covered the gulf stream and ocean currents. We also watched a very interesting, but long video about the ocean. In addition  to the ocean video we watched a video clip of a giant jellyfish, which the girls loved.
                                                God's creation really is awesome to behold!

 I found an experiment  that helped the girls to understand how the gulf stream and ocean currents work.
 We used a glass pan with rocks to represent the continents. Then we added water and several colors of food coloring. Next the girls blew through a straw in the water to simulate the action of the gulf stream and ocean currents.

By the time I took these pictures the currents in our mini ocean had been mixed pretty well! The food coloring had combined to make green. A good lesson on how colors mix to form a new color for our youngest.

They had so much fun  learning how ocean currents move around continents and waters mix. I think they were shocked when they learned that the gulf stream is like an underwater river. Even more shocked and amazed when they learned the tallest waterfall isn't on land, but under the sea! They didn't want to quit the day we performed this experiment. I'd say that was a successful day of learning fun.

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