Monday, September 23, 2013

Polar Regions Week 2

Some days are winners and some are days the kids can't sit still and it's like trying to herd a can of worms! Today we started our second week of our Polar Regions unit. I suppose I had one too many videos for the girls to watch. I think I was clued in when I heard them ask is this almost over! Ha Ha It was interesting to us adults, but I think it was a bit long for them to sit through. The highlight of the day was our experiment on why the ocean doesn't freeze solid. This was the second experiment we have done like this. We did a similar one last week. The girls all wanted to stick their finger in the water and see how long they could stand to leave it in there. Silly girls! Tee Hee.

We began by learning about the magnetic and geographic North Pole.

We learned about the ARCTIC WOLF

Why doesn't the ocean freeze solid?

Look is that frost forming?

The girls had so much fun learning that salt lowers the freezing temperature of water. What I think they really had fun doing though is sticking their finger into the cccold water and seeing who could stand it the longest. Some times kids find things to be extremely fun and educational that adults find ordinary. Just another aspect to use to learn by. Using all our senses whenever we can really brings the learning home!
Why are the oceans salty?

How cccold is that water?

 We decided learning about latitude and longitude would be a good fit for this unit so we started out watching this video clip. It kept the girls in fits of giggles and it is pretty funny!

                                                   Latitude and Longitude explained.

                                                                 Arctic Wolf howling.

                                                            Arctic Wolf babies.

A few more resources we used that you might be interested in.

Latitude and Longitude worksheets

Enchanted Learning worksheets on polar explorers and arctic animals worksheets and pages on arctic animals

National Geographic polar bear video

A pdf on Bugcicles and hibernation

Polar Bear sensory bin and other polar bear ideas

Page with lots of ideas for polar animal crafts

You can find more ideas on my Homeschool pinterest boards here and here.  Also here and here you can find maps on latitude and longitude and the compass rose.

You can find a few more videos I have pinned here.

Hope you have as much fun as we are having learning about the Polar Regions, Polar Explorers, arctic animals, latitude and longitude and where the North Pole really is located.

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