Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun, Freebies And More!

We have been studying about the Pilgrims for our latest unit. I made some paper suitcases for the girls and they pretended to be pilgrims setting sail on the Mayflower for America. Inside they drew pictures and made a list of things they would take along on their journey. The suitcases were so easy to make. I used to pieces of construction paper and taped them together. Then I cut two handle shapes for each suitcase and taped the handles to each side. Pretty simple, but cute. It also helped the girls realize how little material goods the pilgrims had when they came to the New World.

We also covered the Mayflower Compact. I showed the girls the copy I have. When I explained how the pilgrims wrote with a quill they decided they wanted to try to make one, so we have been gathering feather to make our own quill pens.

Below are some of the Thanksgiving Fun I have rounded up for my crew and also some of the resources we used.

First we made a list of fun things we would like to do. We are sharing our list with you and hope you are inspired by all things fall!

1. Rake leaves and jump in them.
2. Go on a nature walk.
3. Take a drive to look at the fall foliage.
4. Go to a corn maze.
5. Make caramel apples.
6. Pop popcorn and make caramel corn.
7. Go on  a hayride.
8. Make a thankful tree and list our blessings.
9. Make cookies and do a cookie drop.
10. Make some leaf art.
11. Go on a late night drive to look at the stars.
12. Have an indoor picnic on the living room floor.
13. Make a pj run to Sonic.

There you have it our Baker's dozen for lots of Thanksgiving Fun!

Fall Crafts

Wax leaves
Make Leaf Animals
Make A Thankful Turkey
Paper Plate Turkey 
Pilgrim Hats and Bonnets
Toilet Paper Tube Pilgrims  

Math Pages

Skip Counting Turkeys
Hundreds Chart
Addition Fast Facts
Word Problems - FREE download
Greater than Less Than download (TPT)
Measurement (TPT) download
Mayflower Math (5th grade)

Language Arts

Writing Activity
Thankful Writing Worksheets - FREE (TPT)
How To Cook A Turkey (writing worksheets)
Pilgrim's Possessive Nouns - FREEBIE


Balloon Boats Mayflower Race 
Cranberry Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Science - Make a tin foil Mayflower and see how much it can hold!
Carrot Root and Rubber Turkey Bone Experiment
Make Butter
Sprouting Corn
Testing For Starch Experiment


A New Beginning
Where Does Thanksgiving Dinner Come From
Pilgrim's Progress 
The Mayflower Compact
Mayflower Passenger List 
Food On The Mayflower


Thankful Bible Lessons 
Bible Verses and Copywork
Thankful Bible Lesson and A Game


You can find these links and many more on my Pilgrims/Thanksgiving board on Pinterest

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