Monday, November 18, 2013

How To Cook A Turkey

We began our Pilgrim Unit today. One of the activities I came up with for the girls was a writing activity where they explained how to cook a turkey. McLarin had us in s stitches with her directions.

How To Cook A Turkey by McLarin W.

First, call the turkey up. Chase it around a corn maze. Catch it and kill it by grabbing the tail.

Next, pull feathers, put in a pan, take out bones. Throw bones in grass.

Then, cook turkey for five minutes. Cut turkey for five minutes in pieces. Look for turkey feathers and put them in your hair.

I have decided I'm never letting McLarin cook the turkey for Thanks Giving. Not unless she has some lessons first. LOL Of course her telling this to us was even funnier in person because she did sound effects and added tidbits. Such as when she said to call the turkey up she make what to her was a turkey call that sounded something like eh eh eh eh eh. She also made sure we knew to throw the bones in the grass, NOT the trash! I think she was remembering how we give the dogs the turkey bones. Now where she came up with wearing the feathers in her hair, I may be speculating, but I think that was from the last unit we did. However I think something was lost on her and she's watched a few too many old Westerns. We studied Native Americans, but we didn't do anything with feathers!

I can already tell this is going to be a FUN unit study!

McLarin holding her paper she did on How To Cook A Turkey.

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