Saturday, November 30, 2013

Remembering When I Promise From This Day Forward

                                                                 November 30th, 1997

Sixteen years ago this day was a Sunday. At this point in the day I was getting ready for the BIG moment! My intended and I were going to be married in a candlelight service after the evening church service. The church was decorated for Christmas and it was beautiful. Every time I watch our wedding video I am mesmerized. Would it be wrong to say everything looked Holy? At the least it looked serene.

At 8pm we were married. It would have been a candlelight service, but we didn't even notice until later that our pastor's wife had forgotten to turn off the lights. lol Everyone got a big laugh when we were told, you may now kiss the bride, because it looked like I almost attacked Fred. What really happened was I lost my footing and fell into him. lol My grandmother was there and she wanted to catch the bridal bouquet so much, but she didn't manage it. We all got a big laugh out of how serious she was about that. lol I sure do miss her. My dad was also there and he has also passed on. Miss him like crazy. In fact his birthday was last Sunday. My FIL was also at our wedding and he too has passed on and left an empty spot.

My kids were small then or at least young. I was a widow with five children when Fred and I married. My youngest then was seven and my oldest just barely twenty-one. Levi was the ring bearer and during the ceremony he got tired and decided then would be a good time to sit down and take a rest on the steps up to the stage. lol Jarred was a taper lighter and I can't remember if it was a man's hair or a curtain he almost set on fire, but I know it was something.

Heather was a bridesmaid and stood up with me. Gabrielle was my flower girl and she took the job seriously. She took her time placing rose petals just so. Wayne walked me down the aisle. After the ceremony he and his friend Josh were so spiffed up in their tuxes they had to go drag main and make sure they were seen. lol We had a wonderful reception after the ceremony with church members, family and friends sharing sandwiches, finger foods, punch and wedding cake. So much food we gave a lot of it away! Our pastor's wife catered the reception and made our wedding cake and the grooms cake. I was very grateful for her help and she did a beautiful job. The main thing I remember from that day is the joy and happiness and love. I was so in love I felt giddy every time I looked at my love. That love would grow into ties that bind and bonds that don't break in the years to follow.

Sixteen years, another pregnancy, a lot of tears, hard work and happenings, some heartache, up's and down's and peak's and valley's, McKenna's surgery and a lot of joy and laughter,  so MUCH joy and laughter, Levi's joining the military and his deployment, an adoption, children married, two dil's, a sil, lots of grandchildren born and some very much loved family members passing on and we call this life and embrace it.

Lord thank you for it all! We are blessed and God willing we will be blessed with another sixteen years and many more.

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