Friday, November 29, 2013

Pre-Black Friday Shopping Experience

This is what I ventured out last night to purchase. I almost made a mistake and missed out though because I thought it was going on sale this morning during the Black Friday sale at Walmart. I will have a happy little girl on Christmas morning. I am happy I got such a terrific deal, otherwise our youngest probably wouldn't be getting this as a gift.

This year Black Friday was over early for me. I almost messed up because I thought what I wanted was going on sale in the morning, but it was actually last night. I discovered my error at about 9:19 pm. More than an hour after the specials went on sale. At that point I grabbed my car keys and yelled at McKenna to come on and left my husband watching our youngest at home.

I decided to go to a town different than the one I planned because it is closer and I was late getting started. The parking lot at Walmart was almost empty when we drove up at about 10 pm. We went in and looked for the Nabi 2 we wanted and ended up having to ask where it was located. That's when we were told they had already sold all of them.

Bummed I called my dil. As I'm talking to her and walking to the bathroom I told her I'm going back and asking that lady to let me look at the Nabi's in the case. As I look at the Nicklodian and Jr Nabi I noticed another Nabi 2 in a different looking box. My dil said well then it has to be a Nabi 2 because they only have three. A lady offered to scan it and sure enough it came up as $99! My eyes got big and I told her I want it then. I got the last one in the store!
The good news, besides getting one of the Nabi 2's for an exceptional price, is I missed the crazy crowds and the fight that broke out over these things before we got there. The lady that checked us out said it got so bad earlier because of fighting that they had to call the police. I told her well we prayed about this on the way over. This Nabi was meant for us. She told me I believe it! 

God also spared us possibly being injured in the fight that broke out at Walmart before we got there. I am very happy to have missed that ruckus! My husband is still in disbelief that I didn't leave the house to go shopping before dawn  this morning. lol

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