Sunday, November 17, 2013

Native Americans Unit

The last two weeks we have been studying Native Americans. I think the most favorite part of our unit was when we learned about the Navajo Code Talkers. I had great plans for doing some crafts and hands on things to really get into this unit, but with a sick child and myself becoming sick it just didn't happen. Such is life. Below are a few pictures and links to some of the resources we used.


READ-ALOUD: Kuni Of The Cherokees

A book about a young Cherokee boy and his friend who were part of the group of Cherokees who were in the forced removal of the indians from their land. It's an old book and told in pretty good detail the travails, hunger, death and a few kindnesses they faced on the trail. It also tells of Sequoyah and how he developed the Cherokee alphabet and about their adjustment after they reached Indian Territory.


Navajo Code Talkers  

Native American Ballerinas

Trail Of Tears Map

Native American Symbols

Cherokee Alphabet

Coloring pages

Tribes and Regions 

Native American Homes

Alice C Fletcher, American Ethnologist diary excerpts

Fry Bread Recipe

Creating the pictographs below the girls discovered it takes talent, but  they still enjoyed themselves. I won't even describe how hard we found the Cherokee alphabet to be when we tried to write our names. It made us wish we had a Cherokee friend to show us how to properly use the Cherokee alphabet.


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