Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Did You Do That? A Question Without An Answer

While cleaning house yesterday and vacuuming I began to think our lovable german shepherd, Roxie, was losing her hair. I kept finding tuffs of hair on the floor. When I moved a recliner to vacuum that's when I discovered the truth. There was a whole mound of hair hidden behind a basket.

I called to McLarin and I knew, as soon as I asked the question, what the answer was. After some hem hawing she came clean. Never did get an answer to my other question of, "Why did you do that?" I should know by now, after all these years of parenting that is a question that never gets answered. Asking a child that question is about as silly as believing the nurse when she says this won't hurt a bit.

So, we have an amateur barber for dogs living here, a dog who got a hair cut and doesn't care that she has a bad hair day, and I still don't know why the child did it. At least I found the dog hair and got it vacuumed up. I sure love this precious child and always will!

Our resident, amateur dog barber!

Roxie, the lovable dog who received the haircut!

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