Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Animal Tracks And Habitats

 Working on some worksheets about animal tracks before we venture outdoors. The girls had so much fun figuring out which track belonged to which animal. There was also a paper they did and they really had to look to find the hidden animals.

It showed them how animals use camouflage for protection and cover. Our plan today is to venture back outside and make some plaster casts of animal prints. We really want to make a print of a raccoon track.
 Can you see the front and back door to this burrow?

White tailed deer tracks crossing the road Not far from our house.

What lives here? Not a large animal since the hole isn't too large.

Well would you look at that! It's a raccoon track.

We're thinking a rat probably lives here. Or a mole or groundhog.

Turkey track, deer track and a couple of different animal homes.

Some of the resources we used.

 Animal Classification

Animal Classification Cards

Vertebrate Dichotomous Worksheet (teacherspayteachers)

Animal Tracks Unit

Woodland Animals Unit

Animal Classification Game for little ones

Animal Classification Game

Animal Tracks Guide Worksheet

More Animal Tracks Worksheets

Animal Homes and Habitats Worksheets

Books on Animal Tracks, Habitats and other Interesting Things

Tracks, Scat and Signs

Big Tracks, Little Tracks: Following Animal Prints

Wild Tracks, A Guide To Natures Footprints

Tracking And The Art of Seeing: How To Read Animal Tracks and Sign

Animal Habitats 

Easy Make and Learn Projects, Animal Habitats

Videos We Watched


Animal Homes and Habitats


Animal Tracks



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