Monday, August 19, 2013

Wildlife Expo - Best Ever Field Trip

I thought I would share a few random things from our homeschool adventures over the years. School will be starting soon and this is usually the first outing of the year for us.  For the last several years we have attended the Wildlife Expo at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  The Expo is usually always held close to the last weekend of September. If you haven't been to this and live in the area it's worth the trip.

We always pack our lunch and spend the whole day. Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking a lot! 

In this picture my daughter and granddaughter are paddling a canoe. The crew putting on the expo always make a huge pond in the middle of the area for the canoe paddling. Judging from the long lines of children waiting for a turn it's the most popular event of the expo!

McKenna had to have her face fainted at the face painting exhibit. Another booth the girls love.

The girls also take time out to look over all the information in each booth. Here my daughter McKenna and granddaughters, Breanna, Gracie and Raylee are standing in front of the Black Kettle National Grasslands booth. All the exhibitors are so informative and are willing to explain things.

McKenna taking a turn at crossing a rope bridge. An exhibit put on by the Boy Scouts. Believe it or not there was quite the line to try this too.
McLarin trying her hand at shooting an arrow

You can probalby tell these pictures are from several different years of our attending. Here McLarin is trying her hand at shooting an arrow. She loved the fact that she was able to do something the big girls were doing.

McKenna shooting an arrow

Here McKenna is trying out the bow and arrow for herself. Breanna, Gracie and Raylee wait patiently for their turn.

Below McKenna is standing in front of an elk skeleton. All of us thought this was pretty cool.

 McLarin and daddy viewing an exhibit.

McKenna trying out the fishing with a bow and arrow.
McLarin and daddy in front of the eagle spread. It wasn't intentional, but she stretched out her little arm as if she was trying to measure the eagles wing span too. We loved this picture so much and we laugh every time we look at it.

In addition to these activities there is always lots more. Also lots of native wildlife such as quail, pheasant, various snakes, birds and turtles. There is also an alligator that the kids can pet. Not to worry, it's small and it's mouth is taped shut. This is always one of our favorite filed trips of the year and we plan to go again this year.

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