Sunday, August 18, 2013

Local Wildlife

 Earlier this year a local group of us homeschoolers went on a field trip to the game warden's house. He has a couple of bobcats that were orphaned as babies that he has raised.

From what we were told these two bobcats are a lot older than most since they have been raised in captivity. Mr. Hubert was very informative and gave a very interesting talk about animals, the tracks they make, where they live, what they eat etc.
 He brought along a huge assortment of animal pelts he has and let the group feel and touch them. The children all tried to guess what animal each pelt came from. Some guesses were right on the mark. Others were very surprising.

He also had a collection of animal skulls which was interesting. It was explained how each animals skull was shaped and their teeth grew in a particular way depending on what they fed on.

 McLarin is holding a mink or maybe it was a weasel pelt in this picture. She was so amazed and loved every minute of this field trip.

 The children are petting a beaver in this picture. At least I think it was a beaver. Mr. Hubert brought so many different pelts it was hard to keep them straight and many looked so similar.

 Demonstrating the claws on the bobcat pelt.

Here they are learning about the different animal skulls and which animals they came from.

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  1. Aww, I miss these kind of field trips. We have wildlife parks, but I miss zoos & things like this. :)