Thursday, January 2, 2014

Knocked Out Of The Saddle, But Not Taken Down

I don't know if anyone missed me or wondered where I've been for the past few weeks, but I've been sick. Very sick. A week before Christmas I came down with what I thought was the flu. After a few days and no improvement I knew something was not right. I usually bounce back from the flu in a few days, but I continued to get sicker and sicker. Finally on Christmas Eve with foreboding thoughts I called my oldest son for help. He called his mother-in-law, who is our neighbor and she came to check on me.

I had a fever, hurt and was extremely nauseated and very weak. She loaded the girls and I in her car and took me to the ER. I ended up being admitted and spending almost a week in the hospital and was diagnosed with COPD and Pulmonary Hypertension. I feel better now, but am still feeling weaker than my usual self. Hard to believe just a few weeks ago I was going strong and now I have two very serious diagnosis. I was also septic which at the time had me more concerned.

So first plan of action is to see my pulmonologist and see where we go from here. I see him for asthma which I have suffered from for years. I'm praying it is all a misdiagnosis.I refuse to believe the pronouncement from the PA that took care of me in the hospital that not only did I have COPD, but also Pulmonary Hypertension and that I was dying. As far as I'm concerned that PA does not orchestrate creation nor my appointed days  on earth. I will be called home when the Lord ordains it and not a moment before. I will be here for many years to come God willing.

In the meantime I will be checked out and trust that I am in the hands of the Great Physician. I would appreciate prayers for my family and myself. May the truth of God's sovereign healing be revealed and this time of illness be used to build God's Kingdom.

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